The Candeo-Pro is a truly professional diving watch. Every component is made of the best materials available. It is water resistant up to 50 atmospheres (500 meters) of pressure. Its unique movement does not require battery change and therefore does not require opening the watch – a significant advantage for a professional diving watch.

Candeo (kan-day-oh) is a Latin word meaning to glow brilliantly, to shine, to sparkle. The Luxmark brand was created to provide high visibility also at night in complete darkness, we thought that this name would be most suitable for our professional diving line.

3 YEARSGuarantee
30 DAYSEasy Return
Strap Color
Lugs Width
Case Diameter
Epson YT57B (automatic quartz)
Water Resistance
500M Meters (50ATM) 100% tested
Case Material
Scratch Proof Sapphire
Case Back
Titanium with 6 screws
Visible 247 TM


Cases and Bracelets 
The case and bracelet (for the bracelet models) is made out of solid titanium which is a hard, non-corrosive material and yet very light. It is 56% of the weight of stainless steel for the same volume. Its strength and lightness make titanium a preferred material for the aerospace industries where both these properties are necessary. The Candeo Pro, having a rather large case and dial opening for increased visibility, would require a light and strong material like titanium which is the reason we chose it for best performance and comfort.

Luxmark Candeo Bazel Luxmark Candeo Bazel

Solid Screw Bars
Our Candeo pro straps and bracelets are fitted to the case using solid screw bars. These bars provide 3-4 time extra strength over normal spring bars 

Screw Down Crown
Candeo pro uses screw down crown that maintain water resistance in all positions. Unlike other dive watches, the thread tube of the crown is welded into the case for better resistance and durability.

The strap on the Candeo-Pro is made out of EPDM rubber which is a synthetic elastomer that unlike PU (polyurethane) straps, provides excellent durability and elasticity when exposed to ozone and UV light and retains its softness and elastic properties for many years. A PU strap becomes brittle and can break after a couple of years of usage.

We mentioned our luminosity technology in many places in the website. We will repeat once more here: Our non-radioactive colored photo-luminescent technology delivers the world’s highest performing luminous dials. Featuring injection molded plastics and multilayered Superluminova printing, our watches absorb energy from light and use it to emit their own light in dark conditions, staying bright for up to 8 hours - longer than any other watch currently on the market. The bright dials are made from a patented materials matrix containing phosphors doped with rare earth metals including europium and dysprosium (to provide the glow), along with proprietary polymer alloys and specialized colorants. Unlike other radioactive luminous materials, this technology, “Powered by Visible247TM” has been certified safe when used in end products for a wide range of uses, including children’s toys. We use the multilayered Superluminova materials for the dark dials and the Visible247TM technology for the bright dials.

The Luxmark C-Prop technology utilizes caliber YT57B by Epson which is using the ultra-accurate quartz technology with a charging system that utilizes your hand movements to charge a capacitor to provide electric energy to move the hands. What this means is that this movement provides the accuracy of a quartz movement, but DOES NOT REQUIRE A BATTERY. After fully charged, the watch continues to operate for 6 months. It also remembers the time for up to a year and continues to work after resting with just a few swings. This also means that you won’t be needing to ever take your watch for battery change and therefore the opening of the back is eliminated an important feature for water resistance.